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    Triggerhappytel wrote:
    King_Edward wrote:
    I wonder just how playable the first Tomb Raider is now. I think it's on PSN, so I might have to splurge.
    Still great level design and ideas, but the controls are pretty horrible in all the PS1 originals. If you must play one I would recommend The Last Revelation. Also, Anniversary was an excellent update to the original game and worth checking out for nostalgic purposes. All this reminiscing is making me consider picking up the TR Trilogy again; I lost my save data on Anniversary and got fucked off and sold it. Reading about this makes me want to give it another shot though.
    The controls are pretty dated in the original, but Anniversary dumbed down the bosses and puzzles. If you can go back to the original, it's more worthwhile, but I'd understand if someone couldn't handle those tank controls.
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