#9401753, By anon_ Tomb Raider 9 / reboot

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    Pepsipop wrote:
    Ultrasoundwave wrote:
    anon_ wrote:
    Was looking forward to this, but having read the reviews, I've decided it can fuck right off.

    Really, we needed yet another derivative third person shooter? I'll pass, thanks.
    Yup, thats exactly what all the reviews have said it is. All the gameplay footage confirms it too.

    Yep, all the footage makes me think it is identical to gears of war. :-/
    The same shit was pulled with Splinter Cell this gen, another series that was infinitely better when your gun was firmly holstered.

    I love videogames, but it's pathetic how juvenile the industry is, with more thoughtful gameplay elements taking a back seat to EXPLOSIVE ACTION time and time again.

    I'm so uninterested in this game now. What a waste.
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