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    Pepsipop, the point isn't whether or not Tomb Raider may or not be a good game, based on its on merits - it may very well be. The point is that it appears to be Tomb Raider in name only. And I don't need to have played it to harbour this viewpoint, the reviews have clearly stated that much of the gameplay centres on combat, which is baaad.

    Look, I want to be an intrepid explorer, traversing lonely caves, caverns and catacombs, with only the occasional heart-stopping shootout against a hungry croc to break through the silence. I do not want to ducking in and out of cover constantly, blasting away goons like its a day at the shooting range. There are about a million similar third person action games I could play, that's the point, this is just serving as yet another option for them, leaving those who want something more sedate, more contemplative wanting again.

    and that is why as far as I'm concerned, this "reboot" can FOAD.

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