#9425057, By Dr.Haggard Tomb Raider 9 / reboot

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    @NOSAVIOUR Couldn't agree more, the all-too-rare tombs are the best bits, and since the excellent forest area at the beginning the game feels like a bit of a bait and switch.

    Without all the goons, the QTEs and the bits of patronising and clichéd game design (the hilarious 'tune the radio' sequence, or 'here comes the mini-boss goon-with-a-big-shield' etc etc bullshit) it would have been hugely improved. As it is I'm constantly switching between being immersed, bored or insulted. Luckily there are just about enough of the engaging bits to keep me going.

    It's hard not to compare it to Uncharted when they've made no attempt to hide its influence in places, but it's not even close in terms of personality and overall refinement. Then again this has the tombs and a bit more exploration, but far worse writing and acting.

    Sometimes, very rarely, it does actually go quiet so you can hear the wind, soak up the atmosphere and explore. For a moment it actually feels like a decent Tomb Raider game, but usually only for a minute before the next fight or cut scene rudely intrudes.
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