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    Sure I guess you can go around with a bow and stealth kill but again it means the game is all about killing enemies, and that was never the point of previous games. There's just so much of it in this game, at the half way point on wards it's just wall to wall combat with frantic platforming inbetween.
    Utter bollocks. Sorry but it is. Take the time to explore each new area for hidden items and challenges and you'll find the pacing of the combat sections is fine, rather than just racing towards each waypoint.
    Utter bollocks right back at you. I am taking the time to explore but there is a huge amount of combat, simple as that.
    I've not felt any compulsion to explore the environment. I'd say I'm roughly half way through and discovered about 3 of the secret hidden tombs.

    I'm enjoying the game. Ok it has more an emphasis on combat but I think the combat is pretty solid. I think the fact that its tomb raider people have certain expectations of what the game would be like. It probably should of been a brand new ip but if they did that it probably wouldn't sell well
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