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    As much as the focus on combat irks me, I got used to it in Uncharted and I can get used to it in this. It's irritating and feels like typical modern, publisher-driven 'me too' game design, but whatever, we're all used to putting up with that.

    No what bothers me first of all is the almost complete lack of a sense of isolation, atmosphere and wonder, which I really hoped this might have. Again though, this is a design choice and plenty of people seem fine with it being essentially an Uncharted style third person shooter-movie, so that's another subjective point. It could have been so much more, but I can't say I'm surprised.

    My other main problem with it is less subjective, and that's the reliance on stupid game tropes and clichés that we should have moved on from years ago, at least in supposedly 'mature' titles like this.

    It's QTEs, it's 'one-button stealth kills', it's immersion-breaking UI popups, it's utterly pointless interactive bits where you have to twiddle the fucking stick/mouse to tune a radio without even the illusion of challenge or failure state, it's just there for no reason other than to make the player feel patronised... there's just so much of this stuff here and it kills my suspension of disbelief stone dead.

    They want me to take their narrative seriously, but the game is full to bursting with juvenile game design. If you're trying to tell a decent story but then find yourself building a set piece where you lock the doors and chuck in a big goon with a riot shield, then throw up hints about how the player must 'aim and dodge to find an opening' or whatever, then you're doing something wrong. It's 'gamey', it's insulting, and immediately breaks all immersion and engagement with the story they'd worked hard to build up.

    There are plenty of games that are guilty of this kind of thing and it disappoints me every time, but this in particular is rife with it and the medium should be moving on. There are games from 10, even 15+ years ago that took a more mature, less juvenile and 'gamey' approach to both narrative and gameplay. Trying to do one without the other just exposes the silliness inherent in some of the gameplay design more starkly.

    /end JTN style ramblepost

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