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    kinky_mong wrote:
    You and the miserable git crew however finished the game and have spent the next few days constantly complaining that it wasn't the type of game you wanted it to be
    Ahem, I haven't actually finished it yet.

    As I've said before I'm compelled to keep playing it for the all-too-infrequent bits that I do like. This is a particularly frustrating pastime, as I'm sure you're aware because we've all experienced games like that, and it's always a recipe for threads full of irritated gamers who continue to discuss its shortcomings because they're still enduring them.

    I don't make any excuses for that, it's just one possible explanation for why there's a fair amount of critical discussion still going one. It's still an annoyingly shit game sprinkled with some decent bits of reasonably atmospheric exploration and sightseeing, but one which I'm sticking with because those bits are like a carrot on a stick.


    Miserable Git
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