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    Cappy wrote:
    freedumb wrote:
    Resi 1-3, 0 and CV - Exploration, Puzzle solving, Action
    Resi 4 - Exploration, Action, Suspense, Action
    Resi 5+6 - Action, Action, Action (apart from some token, forced Ada bits)
    Resident Evil 4 was aside from a few minor instances, a corridor, calling any component of the game exploration would be a stretch worthy of Mr. Fantastic.

    I recently replayed the game for the first time since the original US Gamecube launch, it's amazing how contemporary it feels in some respects. I don't think anybody at the time, even Capcom employees realised that this was going to be the future of third person action titles.

    The guts were going to get pulled out of this one game and it would get fed back to us again in myriad forms eventually leading to games like Tomb Raider.
    It wasn't open world but it wasn't full on corridor either. Linear but with semi-large environments that you could do some exploring.

    TR 2013 is more corridor than RE4 ever was.
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