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    Bawsy74 wrote:
    Let's be honest, tomb raider had to change its style.

    Try playing one of the old games now - pretty awful for the most part (and I was a huge fan!). Slow, cumbersome, laughable combat, horrendous back tracking...

    This latest game is similar in style to Legend (which I thought was great fun), but improved immeasurably in every aspect. They have trimmed the rubbish - block pulling/pushing, ledge shimmying around a room, switches that open doors half a level away - and really buffed up the rest. Maybe a wee bit too much combat, but when it's as fun as it is, I really didn't mind one bit.

    The levels are a great mix of expansive open areas with lots of exploring to do, and tighter areas that focus on combat.

    There is more than enough Tomb Raider in there for me, and I can't wait for the next installment!
    This ^ just finished it and having played them all this is a welcome return/reboot (much needed, just like Bond,  Batman,  Superman ((maybe,  we'll see)) etc, etc) yes less combat and more exploring would be welcome, but I really enjoyed the game! Oh, and less QT button pressing as well please.
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