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    Cappy wrote:
    Resident Evil 4 had only one branching point in the whole game, a choice between two routes, I always double back to do both for the loot anyway. After the promise of the early village area the game increasingly funnels the player and eliminates the Resident Evil staple of backtracking.

    The largest area is probably on the island when you are supported by the helicopter, which is smaller than areas found in Uncharted for instance and that game is branded as a corridor game. Resident Evil 4 is a corridor shooter.
    Its a linear game no doubt, but in terms of environment size and light exploration it is not fully corridor. I'm not talking about linearity in itself, otherwise every linear game will be called a corridor game. I mean the literal paths you take. Sometimes narrow, sometimes wide.

    TR 2013 mostly feels like you're going down a literal, narrow corridor, wooden bridges, rope swings, etc.

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