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    xuiton wrote:
    played the first 30 mins at my gfs. game felt like uncharted through and through.

    game tells you where everything is, where to go and what to do next in a thin corridor.

    i guess its fun but not massively impressed.
    I find these comments to be rather odd. Did anyone play any of the past Tomb Raiders? Uncharted was basically Sony's take on that series, not the other way around.

    There's more of a cinematic flair, which I guess you could say was probably influenced by Uncharted, but that could also just be down to the fact they were giving the time and money to make a good game this time, the polar opposite of what happened to them with TR: Underworld.

    The hand holding is a bit annoying though. Early interviews and previews really played up the fact it would be an open world/survival style game and I get the feeling they dumbed a lot of those mechanics down some point during development.
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