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  • Deleted user 1 April 2013 22:19:09
    Goodfella wrote:
    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    Kostabi wrote:
    Ah for fucks sake. I was happily plodding along thinking that they had got the balance between shooting and adventure just right when I'm plonked into a walled off maze like town and made to fight roughly a million enemies.

    It just seems completely at odds with everything that preceded it. Bah.
    How far into it are you?

    I'm about 6-7 hours and hit a similar point before and after getting the grenade launcher.  This is worrying me because if the game is so heavily weighted towards combat now, its likely to just get worse.
    Believe me, it does get worse.

    I've made my point clear before and I'll say it again, there was far too much prolonged combat. It was totally Unnecessary.
    Its a bit of a shame.  With more emphasis on discovery and less, but more imaginative combat scenarios the game would really have benefitted.

    But it sold fooking buckets, so this is what we will get for the next few installments until sales drop off again and review scores dwindle. 

    Close, but not quite close enough for me at this point. 
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