#9479037, By MatMan562 Tomb Raider 9 / reboot

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    I finished this a day or two ago and I really loved it. Personally, I don't think the problem is that there's too much combat just that there are too many times when you're forced to "go loud". I think if they cut out the few times you're essentially playing a horde mode and made stealth an option for every fight it would have been vastly improved. It would have also been nice if you could completely avoid some fights, maybe with some tough platforming alternate routes that if you screwed up would land you right inbetween a few enemies. Also, get rid of 'Detective mode' or whatever this ones called.

    If they do all of that, have some proper tombs and keep everything else pretty much the same in the sequel it could end up being my perfect game. This one was probably a 9/10 for me but I think an 8 is what most people would score it.
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