#5068512, By Grayvern Woman wins euthanasia case.

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    @wascally. Not carin is a brilliant way to alienate yourself from those around you.
    Loneliness causes real psychological disorders without care or empathy you must be a very estranged person, remind me never to visit you cabin in the woods, i like my entrails to stay that way.

    On an evolutionary note, that I don't perhaps agree with, we are evolved from highly social animals that depend on each other for survival, meaning care may be a biological imperative.

    Selfishness is undesirable because large section of the populace think it is there need not be another reason. Also given the amount of people any one person has contact with in a lifetime this issue could be closer than you would think.

    As to the euthanasia issue its prickly because of the mentally ill. Both those that are depressed, and those that are at risk given what the law could be the floodgates to in the long term. Which is a more present danger than people realise given as how lobotomies were performed on the mentally ill in America well into the 50's, and the fact that ECT is not that far in the past.
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