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    I am surprised at the negative criticism this game has received on here. The demo has been pretty much constantly on our TV since it was released.

    A month or two ago I was ready to pre-order S/S going from the videos and its concept but that has completely flipped reversed now. I have enjoyed the Blur MP demo much, much more!! It's simply more fun. I know the S/S demo is single-player only but the 20/20 races you get in Blur get my adrenaline going like nothing I have ever played before.

    And the comments about the vehicles handling like supertankers is complete bullshit. Admittedly it take a little time to master, but then shouldn't that be the case? After a couple of hours you can pretty easily pull off sufficient corners, without the need to drift.

    It just strikes me as a much more tactical, thrilling game. I found with S/S there are sections where you're waiting for the next bit to blow up. In Blur, you're constantly thinking about defensive/offensive maneuvering, power-ups, health, dodging mines and getting the right racing line. As SomaticSense said, it is just glorified QTE's!

    And the vehicles sound f**king great.

    It's a definite buy for me and my mates. 4 player split-screen should be mandatory in these types of games. Cannot wait!
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