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    StarchildHypocrethes wrote:
    I have absolutely no basis for this, but I just get the feeling that this game is going to absolutely bomb.

    I get the opposite feeling. This game is basically COD on wheels (as someone posted earlier) with a very indepth multiplayer. I racked in about 30 hours playing just the beta and loved every second (much of that was spent with 5 mates round all taking turns).

    In regards to the handling, I found it is arcadey but not in the sense of Burnout or S/S. The Eurogamer review does mention the handling. When you first start playing it feels heavy and a bit strange but after a couple of hours you learn the basics and begin to master it making handbrake drifts and perfect driving lines possible.

    But aren't these the best sort of games? The ones that are simple to play but hard to master? The longevity of this will make it shine through. I have no doubt about it.

    If you're in doubt, rent it, play it on a 20/20 person server or with 3 mates over on splitscreen and it's brilliant, unforgiving carnage.
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