#6526969, By drumbaby Ridley Scott's Prometheus (spoilers within)

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    Alien 3 was rubbish, and it was trying so hard to be serious/ worthy too, which makes it even worse. At least Alien Resurrection had lots of humour and so was a bit fun, even if it wasn't the best film in the world (it didn't really have much of a chance, seeing as it was having to make something from the rather messy remains of the 3rd film). It also looks pretty damn good too, as a piece of eye candy. Alien 3 by comparison is depressing AND shit, and steered the series into a blind alley, while looking like a pop video in the bargain.

    The dog alien hybrid is the only good thing to come out of it...a worthy addition to the Alien mythos, especially in games. Newt and Hicks dying right at the start though? Unforgiveable, totally making a mockery of the 2nd best film in the series. Why???!!
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