#8282550, By Kronos Ridley Scott's Prometheus (spoilers within)

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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Any theorising on why this is called Prometheus, and all the associated baggage that comes with that name. Stealing fire from the Gods (and the associated 'playing with fire' risks) and being punished for it.
    Here's a speculation then..Android becomes a super human/space jockey after being dosed with some stuff from the advanced alien race which makes him nearly immortal, steals said stuff to give to the humans , is found out, gets chained to jockey chair and is doomed to endure the agony of having his chest burst every day as punishment, which due to his superhumaness reheals afterwards. Hence the stockpile of eggs in the ship. Final shot of film is the chest burster exploding out of the space jockey.

    Pure speculation to fit the facts and the Prometheus legend.
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