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    Frankly i think its the producers who have killed the Alien franchise. Why have we never got an Aliens 2 which is what everyone wants , isn't it?. More space marines + aliens. Instead we have almost "arty" type sequels as they try to go off into totally different directions or generic teenage slasher movie (AVP -Requiem).

    Plus I think the Ripley character should never have gone beyond Aliens.

    Robocop is another series killed by people who either don't seem to get it or just want to milk it for all they can get. First film - beyond excellent, second film - ignores all the stuff setup in the first film. eg he's seems more of a robot than he was at end of first.Peter Wellers performance just seems totally off in that film. Third film - Robocop for kids - so bad its good

    PS I kinda like AVP. Considering the pg13 yoke it was a pretty credible attempt.

    Offtopic: anyone else disappointed that the new "Jack the Giant Killer" film doesn't appear to be at all related to old film of same name. It's actually another Jack and the beanstalk film.

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