#8752279, By Beetroot_Bertie Ridley Scott's Prometheus (spoilers within)

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    @RobAnybody - The squid alien thing to me seemed to be a real kick in the teeth to the work laid out in the original film in that it went back to a 1950's B-movie cliché type thing which they tried so hard to avoid originally.

    Still enjoyed the film though. I felt the lesser cast weren't fleshed out fully and didn't really have the personality they should, the geologist in particular. They're on the cusp of this amazing meaning of life type discovery and he just couldn't give a toss - very strange - perhaps it's just about the money in his case but you'd think they'd be some awe there, for anybody. Why bother taking someone like that along? He didn't seem too bothered about the walls and rocks for a geologist and all he did was let go of some anti-grav mappers anyway.

    I think an extra half and hour would have helped a lot in this respect and allowed them to bridge some scenes that happened a bit too suddenly. I want to see this again and look forward to a possible extended directors cut Blu-Ray :)
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