#8764088, By SweetMrGibs Ridley Scott's Prometheus (spoilers within)

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    Saw Prometheus on Friday. I've seen films in 3D before but *really* struggled with it at the beginning, to the point where I thought I might be vomming into my popcorn (pukecorn?). Anyway, despite my eyes getting used to it within the opening 10 minutes, I still found the 3D a bit distracting. Some people argue that it adds to the film, I actually disagree; anything that 'takes' you out of the film is a bad thing ("Oooo, that bit looks good in 3D! Oh yes, I'm watching a film").

    As for the film itself, I enjoyed it, but think I need repeat viewings before I can really make my mind up. As people have stated, there are various ideas and themes on-screen, so there's a lot to take in. I'm not for one minute saying that the plotholes people have pointed out aren't valid, just that there might be clues here and there. I'm not sure whether the film is on the correct side of the Ambiguous/Illogical divide - and I don't think one viewing is enough for me to decide.

    Also, the reason Fyfield became a raging crab monster is simple... he'd managed to extracate himself from the cave, despite having a lumpy/melted head and a bad migraine, and all he wanted to do before announcing that he'd survived, was have a poo outside the hanger door. But no! Whilst he's pinching off, the captain decides that's an appopriate time to notice he's alive and lower the door! Bloody embarrassing.
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