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    I hear what you're saying about a lot of the other characters being 'background noise', but I don't necessarily see it as a big problem. As long as you have several to emphathise with/relate too, it's fine to have a bit of cannon fodder.

    Having said that, the beauty of Aliens is that, whilst it had a similar cast size (in terms of the Colonial Marines vs Prometheus crew), all but a few of the marines (Crowe, Wiesbowski) are fleshed out to a degree that you care when they die. The contrast in the films is evident when you compare the briefing scenes. In Aliens, 6 or 7 of the characters get involved in the discussion, whilst in prometheus, only 4 or so people talk (figures off the top of my head here). Also, the Aliens briefing scene is designed to flesh out the characters, whilst the Prometheus scene is (mostly) exposition.

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