#5059169, By SwedBear Ultra quiet 360!

  • SwedBear 2 Aug 2009 09:24:25 302 posts
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    For fun I bought the Lian Li case (thought I would write an article about it for my site) and the main issue with the case is that it doesn't really help for the optical drive noise. The 120mm fan itself with the fanduct is quiet enough even though I changed it for a 120mm Noctua fan but that doesn't help much when the whole case resonate as soon as the DVD-drive spins up, and that even though there are some rubber thingys in palce to stop this.

    I might try coating the whole drive in soundproofin material to see if that helps ...

    I wouldn't recommend this case really because I think it is too expensive for what you are getting. It's not like my Elite was that noisy from the start anyway. The big downside is that you are dissasembling the HDD which means that if you want to get a new 360 later you can't just move the HDD anymore.
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