#5066972, By Grayvern Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast

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    What people have meant in the last 20-30 years when they have said we are running out of oil is that it will occur within 50-100 years. But as has been said demand is spiraling.

    Also its worth thinking about the effects of dwindling oil in acessible places, Iraq wasn't carried out to seize oil, however it's pretty clear that the administration in america acted the way it did because they feared that when the companies wanted to move in on the oil they would have trouble.

    Also nuclear energy isn't the miracle cure some people think, there is also a limited amount of nuclear material suitable for use in reactors.

    Renewable power has always been possible however it's been seen as a belief rather than a going scientific and economic concern. Which has lead in the past to the off hand dismissing of ideas based on rumor with little or no evidence.

    The real problem with renewable energy sources is that its a problem solved by money not technology. The technologies are their, the willingness to invest in the future is not.

    Even though Britain isn't the best country as a rule you only need to witness the complete lack of impetus in relation to fibre optic broadband. (Which is a similar issue given that we are a country dependent on office based business that the internet, and access speedily thereof is an integral part.)
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