#5068915, By nelsona Interview with kgb defector from 1985 listen carefully

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    FWB wrote:
    niteninja wrote:
    We live in a bubble thats created by very clever people at the very top.
    Go to your libary or amazon and get a book by noam chomsky called Manufacturing Consent its an excellent read.
    Will help people understand how the media are the government in most capitalist countrys its a social engineering program that has been running for 50 years.

    But surely the libraries, funded by the government, are part of the conspiracy? Surely the giant, corporate book publishers and sellers are also towing the line, making anything produced by them - including Chomsky - part of the elites' plan.

    Chomsky is their leader, it is all one big conspiracy to make people think he is just a bit of a nut.
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