#5082652, By squirrel.kisses Own-brand supermarket budget range food. Yummy or scummy?

  • squirrel.kisses 8 Aug 2009 06:29:13 274 posts
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    I used to work at a grocery store and had a discount on store brand products. I tried a few products and they really weren't that bad. Also, I found out that a store gallon of milk, which was $2.28, was the same gallon of milk from a name brand, which was nearly $4. All the gallons of milk shipped to the store in gallons and had different labels slapped on them before they went on the shelf. Extra $2 for a name brand and it's stupid advertising.

    Hmmm... I grew a particular attachment to the store brand whipped cream cheese. So hard to spread regular cream cheese.... especially on soft bread! yaargh!!
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