#5089816, By ploder 500,000 requests to access phone and e-mail records made in 2008

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    I hope news stories such as this one draw more attention to a phenomena many people in this and other countries have been banging on about for many years now: the growth of disproportionate and unjust systems of mass surveillance. Instead of dealing with the problem directly they seek to bung everyone on a database/surveil everyone 'just in case' something goes wrong. More proportionate and effective methods of dealing with the problem are ignored, objections are stonewalled using the corrupt and false adage of 'nothing to hide nothing to fear' and critics are accused of being 'soft on' whatever problem is identified (the modern equivalent to being called 'unpatriotic')

    The sad thing is that such systems of mass surveillance usually don't deal with the problem identified and can frequently leave you less secure. Just two examples of this are CCTV, which does not reduce crime as the gov claim and the ID card, which has been hacked already. Then there is the economic side to all of this, which is the vast sums spent on the surveillance and paying someone to watch and audit it. It ends up becoming an obession, "there's no camera over here, better make sure we put one up".

    By following the above corrupt ideology what you end up with is a control/surveillance state as the state sees any personal infomation as fair game. They simply do not see a counter balancing right to privacy because they cannot contemplate people wanting to keep information private. But this corrupt ideology begins to show itself in other ways apart from surveillance. You might be stopped and searched without any reasonable suspicion 'just in case' you are a terrorist. You may have to fill in a form to protest outside Parliament 'just in case' you cause trouble. You may have to be checked against a database (to do even the most innocuous tasks) 'just in case' you are a sex offender. Countries may be invaded 'just in case' they pose a threat.

    This type of system reaches its zenith when the population is profiled and said profile is tied to their biometrics. This in turn allows for even more intrusive surveillance such as behavioural analysis using algorythms for identifying 'suspicious activity'. You see, once you have all the info you could reasonably require you have to develop methods for effectively sifting through it for positive 'hits'. That's where this corrupt ideology is taking us and I don't like the look of it..........
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