#5090006, By InvisibleCrane Is it me or are gamers these days nothing but spoiled crybabies who are never happy with anything

  • InvisibleCrane 10 Aug 2009 23:34:06 86 posts
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    AltCtrlDelete wrote:
    People are always posting positive stuff about decent games on here, what are you talking about.

    Really?, I never notice, all I ever read are a mix of "meh" (I really hate that term though), "this sucks" and "wah wah wah they are not doing what I hoped they would do despite what I thought they would do would flop"

    Like for example, whenever DLC for Rock Band/Guitar Hero is announced, most of the comments are like that plus you can add "these songs suck" and "I've never heard of these songs so therefore it sucks"
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