#5090042, By squirrel.kisses Advice on mobile plans!

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm leaving for university in a few weeks and my shit mobile service provider will only let me make calls outdoors in 5% of the area (no joke) and in the other 95%, consider me roaming. Basically, I have no reception and loose free mobile to mobile, free weekends, as well as have slapped on extra charges for being outside the network area.

    I'm thinking about going to a Pay As You Go plan.

    The one I'm looking at has good coverage and everything is 10 cents (per minute anytime, per incoming and outgoing texts, etc.)

    I only use my cell phone to text and spend no more than about 20 min on the phone each month. That might change once I get to uni but, what do you guys think? Is it worth it if I don't frequent my phone much?

    I'm in the US, so not sure how much help I anyone can be.
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