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    I feel weird about this show. It's really heavy-handed, and characters go from being nuanced in one episode to lacking any depth whatsoever beyond archetypes in others, but the good moments make it worthwhile.

    Like that episode with the long final scene in the bar. It was so refreshing, the film-like quality of the pilot episode, to just let a situation that likely and that tense to breathe. It was realistic, and showed who these characters really are without having them declare it - and it was still violent and scary.

    And the end of the episode where Rick and Shane fight about what to do with that one guy, where Shane is staring at the lone zombie in the field.

    It'll never be Breaking Bad, but I hope this season it can maybe get its own identity and work to its strengths. There are things this show can do because of its premise that no other show can, and that's what I wanna see. Something unexpected.

    Lost is great, but tonally it's the polar opposite of what the spirit of TWD is. It's optimistic and this should not be that.
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