#9088672, By zombiesinmyhead The Walking Dead - TV series (US pace, SPOILERS!)

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    I dunno what I made of the 1st ep. There was a whole bunch of stupid in there. Ppl have already pointed out the unlikely shooting gallery and amazing headshots. I can't forgive that in the way I can forgive Hershel's magic shotgun from the S2 finale. And the camp fire sing-a-long, wtf? They've made so much noise there'd be a crowd of zoms swamping that place, especially as they pointed out they were in danger of being cut off by two super-herds. Why not bang some pans together too, just to make sure?

    It's still too confused, stuck between Kirkmans vision and a bunch of TV people. I thought the super-herds idea was great, then they go and spoil it for me with some silly crowd pleasing yankee gun porn. But still, after two seasons, I hoping it'll find its feet, get some confidence about what it actually wants to be and live up to its potential...
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