#9201044, By Tonka The Walking Dead - TV series (US pace, SPOILERS!)

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    I missed the writing credit. I wonder how "free" they are to do stuff though. Doesn't people say that Darabont createdT-Dog? If so it feels like this could be a good source for gossip.

    As for the lack of soul I strongly disagree. This episode was more action oriented than the previous though and the "Your brother did this to us" scene was weak. Otherthan that I think they go for more than just surface.

    I gave up on LOST mid season two so i might have missed something there and I've yet to see Breaking Bad. But as I've said I really feel for most of the characters in TWD. Every show now I think "No no no, no more deaths. OK, take the newbies and maybe Andrea but leave the rest of them alone".

    It will be interesting to see hoe they handle the reunion of the brothers.
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