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    Lol I definitely agree that this show lacks a soul. They tried last season to do a slow-burner and make it about the characters and the response was terrible. So instead of giving anyone any depth (which Lost and Breaking Bad have in spades) they just made Season 3 entirely action.

    People talk less because when they do it's stupid and motivated by plot and not character. Why has Michonne still not told the group her name? Why is she going out of her way to hurt the Governor as though the zombie apocalypse and people trying to kill you is personal? Why did Glenn let Merle get so close when they had him at gunpoint? Why is Glenn a coward in one scene and a badass the next? Why would Rick leave the prison protected by women, children and a guy he barely knows? Why is everything this season so rushed? On a show that had a better handle on characters we could have had a Ben Linus type episode with Michonne, maybe learned something about her other than she doesn't enjoy talking or blinking. Maybe we could have seen Daryl dealing with leaving the group to find Merle (I'm certain they'll escape and that whole ordeal will be forgotten as they deal with whatever the new problem is).

    People criticize Lost, but for all its missteps it never lost its sense of character. Pretty much anyone on The Walking Dead could die at this point and I would lose no investment because the show isn't even invested in them. What's the point of a zombie show without compelling characters? Apart from the bipolar way they wrote him as sympathetic or deranged depending on the episode, I loved Shane last season. I still think the episode where him and Rick hash things out is the best since the pilot. And then they killed him and decided they weren't gonna try anymore.

    I look forward to see Tyreese's charisma battle the quality of this show. It could be SO MUCH BETTER, and that's why I still watch.

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