#9393629, By The-Bodybuilder The Walking Dead - TV series (US pace, SPOILERS!)

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    Some right moany people in here.
    We all know getting endless headshots is an anomaly of the show, but how anyone thinks its easier to shoot a man on a tower far away and is shooting back of which your first concern is to take cover and to blindly shoot in his direction is easier than to shoot an unarmed, slow moving target is beyond me.
    I'm more concerned as to how he got up there in the first place.

    Great episode. I loved how they suckered us again into liking someone before doing what they did. But as others have said, there's clearly a redneck and black quota.

    Dunno why people think Glenn is dumb all of a sudden. Any man would act the exact same way when you've been made to feel your girl has been raped whilst you're helplessly listening in another room.
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