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    @Mola_Ram seemed like a natural progression to me.
    he's clearly angry because he wants to go back and kill the governor, and he's spent the last few days being completely helpless and out control and was put in a position where he felt worthless like a man, where he felt like he wasn't a man, that he couldn't do the first thing a man is supposed to do; to protect the ones he loves. Now with Daryl gone physically and Risk gone mentally, here was an opportunity to exert control and to feel like a man again. Its a common, acute and natural reaction.

    Maggie's anger is actually rather obvious too. She's angry at Glen because Glenn is more consumed with his loss of masculinity and anger, rather than what should be his first priority; to comfort Glenn.

    Also, rather than saying sorry to her, he should try saying thank you and appreciate just how far she was willing to go for him.
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