#9433645, By Scurrminator The Walking Dead - TV series (US pace, SPOILERS!)

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    My problems are:

    * The prison. It's a shit hole. I don't know why they are so fussed about not leaving it and defending it. Loads of people have died there. It offers flimsy protection and it just looks like a dump. I don't care one bit for the place. All they're doing is hiding there.

    * The Governor. He's not scary. At all. He's weird for sure. Their little dick swinging match this week was pointless. Rick's not scared of him either which means there is zero tension present.

    The story that this is based on does all of these things much better. The prison is a home that they have spent time building up; to lose it would be a terrible thing. The Governor is an evil bastard that you know means business from the moment you meet him (and so does Rick).

    I bet that in a few episodes time it will all end in some cliche action scene and wrap up nicely - urgh.
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