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    Vroom! wrote:

    G-VideoDie wrote:
    That's a little annoying to those of us who paid for the app and now can't use the forum on it....

    Hi, why can't you use the forum on your app?

    It always just appears as a blank page with no threads in when I click on community.

    The advice above was to delete the app and then re-install it, and that seems to have worked for others. I can't do that if the app's not there!

    I was also assuming that as the paid app was off the store you wouldn't be supporting it with any more updates.

    Oh and (I'm well aware this is just a problem for me) my laptop's on it's last legs and it very nearly dies everytime I sync my phone so I'm avoiding doing that until I get my shiny new mac.

    I'm going to migrate to the free version though...

    Is there any chance the icon for the free app could be changed to not say free? I'm pretentious enough to buy apple products and hate to feel like a pleb each time I check Eurogamer...


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