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    They may look a thousand times better but they'll also take a thousand times longer. I've just finished my first model of each side and didn't water paints down at all and didn't even mix any colours. They came out fine (I've done about 25-30 tau figures prior to these so not a total beginner).

    You seem to be suggesting that because you have painted about 30 figures without watering down your paints that my advice is worthless?

    I used to paint minis (started over 20 years ago) without watering down the paint and could never understand why they didn't look like the ones in White Dwarf. When I learnt that the paints needed to be thinned the results changed overnight.

    Why not give it a go on one of your stealers? Worth a little experiment surely?

    Not in the slightest. I was merely pointing out you can get decent result without watering it down and therefore can paint the figures faster. I agree that watered down paints give better results but the simple fact that you have to lay down several coats of each layer means it takes longer. It depends on your priority: the best looking models or a painted set in the shortest possible time.

    Also, I only included that last bit in brackets to indicate that I'm happy with the results of my minis doing it this way but they aren't the first ones I've ever painted.

    With regard to watering down your paints do you transfer them to another container or mix in the water in situ?
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