#5283288, By epic_wanderer Space Hulk: a guilty pleasure returns!

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    seasidebaz wrote:
    epic_wanderer wrote:
    I've uploaded a picture of the finished models. They look better in the flesh so to speak (especially the genestealer). Space Marine came out better. I've got plenty of genestealers to improve on though.

    Hopefully this link will work:

    Space Hulk models

    Sorry, quick reality check:

    Either the models have become shit, or you need to improve your painting. Or both.

    Or are you a beginner? In which case, they aren't too bad.

    edit: Seems you are a beginner. The space marine eyes are good, as is the drybrushing on the crest. Do you use inks? If not, get some and learn the art. It does wonders.

    I used inks on the marine but not the genestealer. To be honest I know the genestealer looks dodgy in that picture but it does look better in your hand (the final flesh colour is far less prominent). It was more of a colour scheme test as I am (obviously) deviating from the standard scheme. I might try going over the flesh with the mid tone and use a watered down highlight to get a more refined result.
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