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    Dr Strangelove wrote:
    Mogamer : Eye of the beholder and all that, init?

    I saw the film and thought it was simples... but almost 2 weeks later I'm going to see it again with lots of different theories in my head about what the film was about... can't wait.

    I think that's why the Matrix comparison is a good one. The film itself is pretty straightforward. (I'd argue that this is a theme across the other two (non Batman) Nolan films I've seen - Memento and The Prestige - self-contained, conclusive, non-ambiguous in terms of plot resolution / meaning).

    It's the specifics that provoke the discussion (how does the kick work, what happens if you die in level three, how does the totem really work) - there's enough detail / jargon to formulate a theory, not enough to be totally conclusive. Kind of like wandering into an episode of Lost - the broad stokes are there, then the fans start to analyse every detail and deduct, speculate or invent the significance thereof.

    I think it would be a great film to see again to try and pick apart the logic of the actual mechanics, try and spot inconsistencies or contradictions. There's certainly lot of detail, but I'm not sure there's a lot of depth though...
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