#5527685, By Hypatiently The ex has someone new

  • Hypatiently 25 Nov 2009 00:50:40 295 posts
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    Ka-blamo wrote:
    Genji wrote:
    My ex broke up with me to be with my roommate, and proceeded to be with him several times every night in the room next door.

    The roomie said he wasn't trying to be an asshole or anything. Well then, I said, I suppose it just comes naturally for you.

    Guh. Not fun times at all.

    /lives alone, happily

    Was gonna say hypa...could be alot worse ^ eek

    It could and I completely get that but right now I feel like shit. All of these people keep asking if I'm OK. I was fine until they started bombarding me with this crap. Yes, I still care about him but his is a complete wankstain and he clearly doesn't care about anyone but himself. Not even his best mate. How am I supposed to respond to everyone's stupid questions?
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