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    Ged42 wrote:
    Genji wrote:
    It's ok. It's all experience, and all that. The thing that hurt the most was that I still wanted to be with her. Not now, but I did then. Like I said, though, it was about a year and a half ago now, so I'm sane again. :)

    I'm pretty happy now. I'm seeing someone who doesn't mind that I'm a "nice guy". I can't tell you how much failure I've had because of the whole Nice Guy Syndrome thing. But it's good now.

    'Nice Guy' thats a horrible label to get, trust me I know. Though the stuff you heard between your ex and roommate would have sent me mad, it was bad enough hearing other people in my uni halls at it, but your ex!



    Hypatiently you really need to get out that circle of friends and exs. You're going to end up as an attention puppet/sympathy shag for your ex or crazy cat lady or both.

    Ouch... harsh but probably true. Does anyone outside of London want to let me sleep on their sofa for a few weeks?
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