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    You are right SJH, it isn't London. I do need to branch out a bit more. It has been so safe and effortless to stick with the same crowd of people. You know they will always be there... even if they are stabbing you in the back. To be fair that is just a small peripheral section of of the group. My true friends are wonderful. They are just a bit caught in the middle.

    NickTG, I can completely relate. I think I will be attending similar weddings very soon. I doubt it is all that uncommon. It is a hell of a lot easier getting involved with people you already know and trust.

    The facebook stuff isn't really an issue. I was just using at as the easiest example of how people that you wouldn't normally communicate with about private matters have free reign to address the situation. There's no denying there is an enormous amount of societal pressure to be in a relationship and the exposure of facebook just compounds this. It is so easy to use it as a measuring stick for your accomplishments, particularly when feeling low or inadequate about... well, just about anything really.

    So yeah, drinks. When is good for everyone?
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