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    I built a new pc recently ,

    cpu intel g540 31 (novatech),
    asus h61 pro 30 (pc world from someones link a few pages back , cheers)
    ram 8gb xms3 37 (ebuyer),
    psu corsair cx430 v2 36 (novatech)(noticed after the xfx pro 450 core from ebuyer is a better buy for the price , oh well),
    case 15 cheapo micro atx one from ebuyer,
    I used an old 320gb hd from my old pc,
    I also used a asus hd6850 from my old pc(84 from scan 3 months ago),
    Windows 7 *cough* free

    So only 233 notes for a nice little machine that should play all games decent.
    Have it rigged up to the 42 inch tv to use as a console htpc.
    It plays skyrim full whack at 1080p smooth, pes also smooth as butter
    need to get some more games now when i can afford them.
    Also going back to 360 fifa from pc pes it looks so blurry now.

    The celeron g540 is pound for pound a beast.
    I doubt you could tell the difference between this and a 150 quid cpu while gaming.
    Still only a few games that really benefit from a quad core.
    crazy price at 31 notes
    That motherboard for 30 quid crazy deal, it has optical out , usb 3, sata 6gbps, thanks for that link.
    Think i will wait unitl the ssd's come down to 50 notes,then add one.
    But for 233 quid insane value
    Cant believe how much power you can get so cheap these days.

    If you want a cheap as possible pc for gaming, g540 hd6850 is the best combo i think.
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