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    monkehhh wrote:
    Currently got a GTX260 that runs most modern stuff fine with a little dipping of some settings, though it's having some issues with powering up (and I'm looking to upgrade my screen from a paltry 1366x768, which will need more juice).

    So, what's a good mid-range Nvidia card that's as quiet as possible? Any experiences of various makes?
    If you are moving up to 1920x1080 or 1920x1200, I would go for the Radeon 7850. The 1GB version can be found for about 130 and the 2GB version around 150.

    If you insist on Nvidia, the GTX660 would be Nvidia's direct competitor. Unfortunately, Nvidia are pretty much terrible value across the board for current gen cards. I don't think there's a price competitive Nvidia card at any price point just now.

    GTX 660 v Radeon 7850

    The 7850 beats the GTX 660 by quite a lot in some games but is typically about 20 to 40 cheaper if you compare the 2GB version of the 7850.

    There is no 1GB version of the 660 but if you're gaming at 1920x1200 or below, there doesn't seem to be much benefit from the 2GB version of the 7850 in current games.

    Club3D 7850 Review

    If you're looking for quiet cards, I've always found Asus Direct CU and MSI TwinFrozr cards are very quiet and cool. Otherwise you'll have to look at individual reviews.
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