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    FutileResistor wrote:
    That's a really great deal for the components with Windows 7 thrown in. Just going to Scan and pricing up that component list (as near as possible would come to over 810) before Windows 7. You would be hard pushed to match the price for the components even if you shopped around.

    As others have noted, the motherboard is designed for serious overclockers and is a bit wasted if that's not what you will be doing. It's about 140 compared to 80 for a average decent Z77 board.

    The thing I would definitely change is the PSU. This is an aspect which is almost always neglected. You must get a PSU which delivers good clean power. Ripple and noise for that OCZ is unacceptable. I always recommend Corsair, Antec or Seasonic.

    Your system will draw under 350 watts at load so I recommend a Corsair or Antec 400 watts PSU (or 500 watts if you plan to crossfire). Corsair 430CX or 500CX or the Hybrid modular 500CXM is just 50 from Scan. These are no more expensive than the OCZ but are much better.
    Thanks for the detailed response, yeah I'm pretty pleased with the price, I have had a few quotes from a few other places and also priced up on Scan etc and can't really get close to the price I was given.

    The problem is the company that is providing the system only stocks certain models of PSU's which leaves me slightly limited to choice, and I'm pretty sure none that you mentioned are available. I will try and chase this up though, as the PSU was something that was on my mind that needed changing.
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