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    I have a ddr2 mobo with a q6600 and a gtx 460 card. Only got 3gb ram atm, but will be getting some money from the sale of my ps3. The first thing I think I need is more ram (it can take 8gb but I think i'll go with 4gb as ddr2 is expensive.)
    However, it runs Bf3 on medium to high with a bloody good frame rate. The resoloution is fairly low, which helps.
    If I want to make it more powerful, what will be the bottleneck? Would it be worth picking up another gtx 460 for sli? Will the processor keep up?
    The q6600 is overclocked to 3.0ghz, which is stable. Runs better at 2.8 though.
    In april I will be starting over with a view to getting an i5 and spending a few quid on a good gpu.
    Not looking for 1080p60, more like 720p60.
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