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    crashVoodoo wrote:
    Its been ages since I've spec'd a PC up so. I think the last time I did it was socket 478 (?) on my old P4 ....

    anyways, i'm on the fence over going for a living room based pc rather than a next gen console and decided to research building one.

    I've been at it all day, wow I've read so much, and come up with the one below. The link will take you to scan where I've shared the basket.

    I'm not 100% if these bits will play nicely together, fit in the case or even be a bit piss poor so I'd like some advice. I also haven't really done any shopping around for prices, figure I'll approach that bit next.

    I'm not in a rush to jump straight in so can easily wait till some of the prices drop

    shared basket on scan
    You could probably shave a few quid here or there.
    RAM 39
    7870 154
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