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    I started 3 different games of this last night, all great in their own way. On the first one, which was snowing all the time, I made a small cave and did a bit of mining and crafting. I went off exploring for iron ore and found some in nearby cave which I just managed to mine before being almost killed by an exploding creeper. I then went exploring some more and got completely lost before the game crashed.

    On my second map, there was a lot of water and almost no mountains, just small hills and islands. Again I made a small cave in preparation for the first night and set about doing some mining. As morning approached I looked out my window to see a couple of spiders and zombies faffing about outside my cave. I poked at them with my sword through my window as I waited for sunrise. As the sun came up, all the zombies caught on fire. As I ventured outside I noticed that about 15 enemies had spawned all around my cave entrance... including several creepers waiting directly above me on a cliff. They chased me around a bit, along with about 5 spiders. After deciding my cave was obviously cursed I decided to try a new map again.

    On my third map the generator got it right. Huge mountains, epic overhanging cliffs, floating islands, lava & waterfalls, the works. After a quick explore, I decided to make my home in a small cave near a river. While digging in my cave on my first night, hoping to find some ore, I broke through into large cavern with a waterfall coming down through the ceiling, obviously from the river outsite my cave. Further exploration proved that I had stumbled upon an immense network of caves and tunnels, complete with a small dungeon, various ores, nasty pitfalls and hungry monsters. I managed to do a bit of mining and explore some of the caves before I had to turn it off for the night. I can't wait to get home from work to see what else is down there.
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