#6577622, By young_money Potential move to London - advice needed \o/

  • young_money 25 Sep 2010 00:12:17 203 posts
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    Thanks. Went ok, said I'd hear on Tuesday or Wed. Got a feeling I won't get it though. Felt I did all I could do though, which is better than my previous 2 interviews in London last year, where immediately afterwards I knew I'd said the wrong thing and scuppered my chances.

    Where abouts do you live on the outskirts? Had a read through this thread, and appears I'm very lucky to have scored a place in Central London. Alot of these areas in greater London look really nice, but personally I want to live in the middle of it all. It's f'n amazing here in Shoreditch and Dalston, the atmosphere is on another level to any other city I've been to. but alot of greater london looks no different to anywhere else in england.
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